How to Succeed at University

An Essential Guide to Academic Skills and Personal Development

How to Succeed at University is a uniquely comprehensive study skills and personal development guide, incorporating coverage of personal skills, academic skills and job search skills within the framework of personal development planning.

All the key skills are covered, with a strong focus on the importance of the continuing personal development process and the ultimate goal of employability. In terms of personal skills, the book offers advice on handling stress, time management and developing interpersonal skills. The academic skills section concentrates on the skills crucial for learning effectively, carrying out research, writing up your work and tackling exams. The job search skills covered include discussion of how to identify the best job according to skill set and how to stand out in the applications and selection process.

This book will be an essential companion for all undergraduate students, whatever their subject of study, and for those preparing for study at University.


"Packed with activities and reflective questions, this informative guide provides clear-cut strategies for achieving success as a student. It focuses specifically on the continuing personal development process and the goal of employability."

Times Higher Education Supplement, March 19th 2009, available at:


"Well written and clearly formatted. Very user friendly."

Dr Tina Patel, Sociology , Salford University, Mar 09 2010, available at:


"Good layout - correct level and easy to use".

Mrs Andrea Moon, Senior Lecturer, Brighton Business School, Brighton University, Nov 14 2009, available at:


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