Are you going to university?

Are you going to University?
We know that new students typically have a number of concerns and these tend to include:
Will I make friends?
Will I cope with the work and be able to pass my assessments / examinations?
Will I be able to live independently?
Will I be able to manage my money?
The answer to all these questions is potentially YES! If you have been accepted by a university it means that you have the opportunity to succeed, but you will need to develop the right motivation and skills. 
The good news is that help is at hand in our book  'How to Succeed at University'. Chapter by Chapter we take you through what you will need to know both to develop that motivation and those skills which are essential for achieving success in any higher education course and in your life beyond.
With best wishes for your studies, your success at university and beyond,
Bob Smale & Julie Fowlie